• Does it break if you drop it on the floor?

    Our ceramic, while extremely durable, is certainly breakable if dropped.  It IS ceramic after all...  We compare our material in taste to everything under the sun, and in durability to glass and quartz.  Titanium is super durable and we don't claim our material outlasts it.  We claim a cleaner and more medical grade experience with a far superior taste.

Here's a little more info about who we are and what's going on...

In February of 2012 HIVE was started in the back of a head shop in Southern California, and was based on one simple idea; a cleaner and better tasting way to vaporize. After a week of web searches and making phone calls, we had our very first piece of medical/food grade ceramic. Needless to say, we were not impressed. We were left with a big decision to make: Do we give up? Or do we start tackling the long list of ceramics sitting on the table in front of us? We chose the latter, and 18 months later, we were very glad we did.

In September of 2013 we began our yearlong ramp up plan for what would eventually be HIVE Ceramics. Our plan was to launch in June or July of 2014, with a slow roll out via social networks and such.  After our first Instagram post in December, we could see that things needed to move a lot faster. Everything else was dropped, and we pushed full steam ahead with our new line of ceramics with high hopes of being ready for AGE in late January. We were pressed hard to try and make it, and even though we were a little late to the party, we were still able to secure a booth to answer questions and begin taking pre-orders. Unfortunately, our first big shipment arrives about 10 days after the show. We are just as bummed as all of you.

HIVE Ceramics manufactures and distributes a proprietarily blended ceramic vaporization element for torched, electronic and portable vaporizers, as well as provides any type of custom design and collaboration work under the sun.

Our first batch of prototypes passed our taste tests with flying colors, but experienced some cracking problems for sure. Our engineers have redesigned our elements and we are confident that they will last much, much longer.  With a reduced price point to account for possible wear and tear, we are positive that our ceramic is still the next big thing in vaporizing essential oils.  The taste is simply unmatched, and we know you'll agree!!! Our design engineers are hard at work to find the most durable and long lasting solution possible. Our electronic version is right around the corner, with some new portable vape technology right behind it!!

We are dedicated to bringing the vapor community the healthiest and cleanest tasting experience possible. We will continue to strive for excellence, be creative, innovate and deliver the highest quality products on the market.

Thank you all again for the support. This is going to be an exciting year!!!

Here are some of the amazing attributes and benefits of HIVE: